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The company LE SEYEC, forwarder, adapts its means to your needs for goods transport in full or partial loads.

Thanks to our network and our reactivity, we are able to answer all your needs for the management of your flow.

We guarantee the conveyance of your goods, with ou without breaking load, within the time limit and in accordance with the current law, while keeping under control our costs.



SATELIT-ODYSUR, Hazardous and pyrotechnic materials transport

SATELIT-ODYSUR is authorized to transport Hazardous materials from class 1 to 9.

In order to do that, the company has an adapted vehicles fleet type EXII and EXIII, from light-duty vehicle to semi-trailer.

The transport can be done "on request" or in the form of a contract with a vehicule wearing your brand, with driver dedicated or double crew if needed... Odysur adapts itself to your request in France and in the rest of Europe.

Those transports are regulated by the domestic and international law.

TMD order ⇒ European agreement said "ADR"

SATELIT-ODYSUR, the transport of materials called "sensitive"

SATELIT-ODYSUR is authorized to transport materials taking on strategic interest for their owners. The vehicles are all equipped with adequate technical means and the driving staff is duly authorized for this kind of mission, receives in-house training especially in terms of safety. The assignments can be realized in double crew in France and in the rest of Europe.

The high range of our vehicles (car, light-duty vehicle, carriers, trailer truck, tractor-trailer) enables us to offer you a wide range of services adjusted to your specifications.

SATELIT-ODYSUR, transport on request called "classic"

SATELIT-ODYSUR operating structure allows it to integrate flow of industrial classical goods whatever the kind of packaging, within collective shipment or dedicated transport, delivery with or without appointment in France and in the rest of Europe.