There are no independent companies without a strong and successful network.

That’s why 3 Etoile Centers, independent platforms, joined in a group whose capital is controlled by itself, to form a network, known and recognized by everyone : ETOILE DEVELOPPEMENT.
These 3 Etoile Centers rely on a centralized computer system, allowing a complete real-time traceability up to delivery schedule and availability of images of delivery receipt.
The quality of platforms and deliverers will be monitored daily in order to respect commitments taken by shippers’ centers to their customers.
The commitment of Etoile Developpement :


Our organization :


► a management committee

► 3 main Etoile Centers  : DTE, LTE, NEE

► 90 members connected to one or more platforms

► 4 partners of Center Etoile : SUD TRANSPORTS 84 - RESO 19 - INTERPOOL 37 - STRECK Germany

Network presentation :


  • Etoile Developpement is a parcel network created in 1982 on the initiative of 2 businessmen, Jean- Jacques MOREL, AUGER Brothers Transport and Roland VASSARD, Régis MARTELET Transports, who wished to offer a national dimension and quality to their respective customers.
  • This network is composed of (90) departmental and regional companies strongly rooted in the economic fabric of their environment.
  • Its members are organized around Regional Centers called CENTER ETOILE and apply the same procedures within their physical service and the information management.
  • These CENTRES ETOILE are dedicated transport platforms. They are made available to local parcel services, allowing them to make exchanges of freight every night at 1 o’clock at a set time with adapted vehicles for the purpose of an efficient regional distribution.
  • Every Etoile structure is managed daily by an independent Etoile Person” under control of a Manager.
  • The Manager and the committee of management composed of representatives of regional members have supported the strategy of the Etoile.
Parcel service FRANCE/EUROPE :


► Via Etoiles, directly to departments, daily with a deadline from 12pm within 48 hours.

► Extension of the same French principle to several European countries.

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