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Le Seyec is a member of a network Express Courrier Services leader.

Le Seyec France Express is able to deliver your letters and parcels weighing less than a ton, before midday from Monday to Saturday, everywhere in France.

Whatever the shape and nature of your parcel.

Member of a network of 110 specialized agencies, LE SEYEC France Express call twice a day at all the French municipalites.

A trained drivers team, reactive, equipped with a light-duty vehicles fleet dedicated to urgent transports.

A computer system to track the delivery of your parcel via internet.

Satelit-odysur operates the delivery or/and picking EXPRESS door to door of envelopes and parcels less than 70 kgs weight through to its WORLD IN FAST service. All the import and/or export formalities are entirely undertaken by our teams. We garantee the monitoring and the tracking of your parcels.

Odysur-odysur operates the express delivery directly without breaking load of grouping of your goods identified as sensitive. Our materials are geo localizable and protected by an alarm system. We provide a driver and a conveyor to ensure the integrity of the transported goods.

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