Handling ACTIVITIES : Home Handling


SATELIT-ODYSUR provides you with teams of warehousemen - forklift truck operators, holders of CACES 1, 2, 3 and 3A, 4, 5, 9, overhead crane operator.

Beyond their professionalism, these teams have the special ability to adapt themselves immediately to rules in force in a customer company. The services systematically include associated means adapted to your request.

The outsourcing of handling allows you to avoid management of absences, holidays, training... while maintening it on your site. Handling does not have to be a hindrance for the development of your business.

SATELIT-ODYSUR is able to guarantee a quality of service, answering yours expectations.

SATELIT-ODYSUR offers you two possibilities :

► Storage and handling of your products in its warehouses

► Availability of a team of trained professionals (CACES) and equipment adapted to handling of your goods on your premises.

Each request is the subject to a study of your specifications, so that we offer you the best solution in terms of cost, speed and efficiency.

The company LE SEYEC offer you, in addition to a logistics service, a team of warehousemen, trained to your methods.

Please contact the commercial team.

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