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LE SEYEC owns available storage spaces : 50 000 m2 secure and adjustable in the following departments where it is established : Cher, Nièvre, Indre and Rhône.

LE SEYEC is also your committed agent for all your logistic activities :

► Secure storage of your goods

► Order preparation

► Packaging

► Palletization

We are able to set you free of your bulky stocks, to prepare your orders, to deliver your clients or to return a portion of your stocks at your premises according to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us. A comprehensive assessment of your company’s transportation requirements will be realized to offer you the most adequate solution.

Outsourcing with SATELIT-ODYSUR : savings, operating flexibility and time saver

We can provide dedicated and secure warehouses :

► Rental of surfaces : complete, partial or at the pallet in a secure perimeter (capacity of storage of 12000 m2)

► Order preparation (picking, packing, palletization...)

► Handling : provision of warehousemen teams - forklift truck operators and overhead crane operator - as well as materials adapted to the handling of your products in your premises, sites Seveso II included.





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