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Industrial transport of pallets
An annual turnover of 239, 000 k€
More than 2,500 vehicles
2650 people at your service
56 locations
350 daily services provided
A window of opportunity in Europe
Who are we ?


A grouping of independent carriers with a wide presence in Europe
Leading companies in their sector
Available and responsive teams
A simple network
National and international coverage
An attractive industrial tariff
Full traceability via internet
An optimized process for better cost
A possible option “Signature check”
An efficient network
Companies responsible for their sector
Adapted means
24 hours deadline maximum for the area
A daily information feedback
A dedicated “pallet only” service
Standard pallets (max L120 x l100 x h180) for a total optimization
Pallets without overflow
A maximum weight of the pallet 1000 kg
Only professional addressees
Any goods except hazardous materials and perishable foodstuffs
A two-party charter commitment securing our relations

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