This group aims to be a courier specialist.

The first identity is Dijon origin where a platform was created in 1978 as the Law Association in 1901, managed by Dijon carriers. The current network is based on a grouping of independent French courier carriers. It consists of a web of 5 of the same type of LTD Company, formally named GALAXY, renamed since October 2005 : RESO

It currently brings together 90 members throughout France, largely independent carriers.

This group currently has 5 “star” platforms located in Dijon (21), Lyon (69), Tours (37), Chalon en Champagne (51), Brive (19).

This geographical coverage allows its members to guarantee a reliable and fast delivery on all French territories.

Reso organizes 210 journeys a day and handles 6400 daily shippings throughout France. These shipments represent 700 tons per day.