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Rental with driver

LE SEYEC, provides vehicles with driver.

After analysis of your request for proposal, linked to the outsourcing of your transport service, LE SEYEC is able to offer you several kinds of contracts, adjustable and adapted to your specific needs.

The outsourcing of your transport services enables you to set yourself free from some time-consuming and costly constraints :

► Follow-up and implementation of the social legislation

► Reading and analysis of the drivers disk and digital maps

► Development of delivery rounds

► Regulatory monitoring

► Recruitment, absences, holidays, training management

► Financing of driving materials, maintenance, servicing

► Management of the supply of fuel

Owing one or several vehicles should not be a brake in your outsourcing process. We can make you an offer, including the recovery of your rolling stock.

Depending on the number of vehicles and the typology of missions to achieve, a LE SEYEC operating manager can be appointed to your site in order to manage the driver’s teams on a daily basis.

This concept of outsourcing is a real partnership because you maintain the same level of service to yours addressee customers ; the vehicles continue to wear your brand. In that way, you keep all the advantages while suppressing all the constraints and disadvantages.

Through its various certifications and its adapted equipment, SATELIT-ODYSUR offers the same possibilities of outsourcing and in addition to all of that, the transport of hazardous and sensitive materials.